Safety is at the Center of Everything We Do

It’s taken more than a million man hours and seven years to develop our award-winning safety program.

safetyWe’ve invested so much time and resources in a rigorous safety program because we believe zero accidents is an achievable goal. Our safety program is geared to maintain a protected, secure environment for individuals working at the job site, and for the structure itself, during each phase of the building project. The prevention of accidents is given preference over productivity, and we require all employees to follow safe work practices.

Worker safety and training is a fundamental value in our company and has full management involvement in both organization and implementation. In fact, no day at any job site starts without a quality, efficiency, safety and teamwork (QUEST) huddle, reminding the entire team to follow proper precautions, be aware of their surroundings, and look out for other team members at all times. Consequently, we have been able to achieve a lost workday incident rate well below the industry average.

In addition to our safety program, Rabe prides itself on superior financial strength, bonding capacity, and complete insurance coverage.