Work with the best. Rabe has the experience and skill needed to facilitate government projects of any size.

GovernmentRabe Environmental Systems understands the challenges, complexities and nuances of government projects. We have a proven track record of completed Government projects allowing our staff to provide the requirements needed to ensure a successful project. 

Rabe’s staff is highly-skilled and includes dedicated management personnel who are committed to quality, efficiency, safety, and teamwork. We are the only mechanical contractor in the area with a design/build team headed by licensed, professional mechanical and process engineers. Our staff also includes highly-trained, experienced project managers who understand what needs to be done to ensure your project is successful, and design/build estimators who provide on-time estimates and value engineering opportunities.

 Services for government projects include:
  • SSHE EUP Renovations to Compton Hall
  • SSHE EUP Renovations / Additional to Hendricks Hall
  • SSHE EUP Music Building
  • SSHE EUP Institute of Human Services
  • SSHE EUP Renovations and Additions to Ross Hall
  • DGS  NWRO PA Game Commission
  • DGS  Stryker Brigade Combat Team Readiness Center and Maintenance Shop
  • DGS Stryker Combat Team Stryker Facility