Rabe's value engineering at work


400-Ton Cooling Tower System, Erie, PA

In order to conserve the tremendous water usage required to cool hydraulic fluid for several large forge presses, Rabe designed and installed a new piping system at Accuride-Erie that utilizes a cooling tower. The cooling tower allows water to evaporate into the airstream passing through it, and, as a result, removes heat from the remaining water. The cool water is then returned and recycled.

A fraction of the original water consumption is now required to make up for the evaporation loss and to prevent impurities from being concentrated in the system. 


  • Single flow, cross flow open circuit tower (CTI certified)
  • 60 hp primary flow double suction centrifugal pump with vertical split casing
  • Variable frequency drives to ensure optimum make-up water and primary flow pump/motor performance
  • Allen Bradley PLC valve control, safety interlocks, alarms, temperature & pressure sensor feedback
  • Projected ROI: Less than three years
  • Projected savings: $209,000 per year on utilities
  • Less than 3 percent of original water consumption