Company History

Rabe’s company mission has been the same since day one: integrity, quality and competitive pricing.

Christian Rabe started the company in 1916 as a Plumbing Contractor, with the goal of providing services with integrity, quality and competitive pricing. In the 1940s, the company expanded to offer subcontract installation services for an emerging technology: air conditioning.

In 1954, Anthony Patrizia joined the company, bringing the York air conditioning distributorship with him. Sales and installation were now under one roof, and the company was chartered as a registered Pennsylvania Corporation. With this new leadership and focus, Rabe expanded its range of related services with the following milestones:

  • 1971 Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • 1973 Design Build Capacity
  • 1986 Commercial/Industrial Piping
  • 1987 Temperature Controls
  • 1989 Commercial/Industrial Plumbing
  • 1992 Industrial Process Piping
  • 1995 Energy Management
  • 1999 Performance Contracting
  • 2000 ISO 9001:2000 Quality System Registration
  • 2007 Prefabrication and Assembly
  • 2009 Low Voltage Electrical
  • 2012 MSCA Green STAR Certification

From the original urban storefront location, the company increased plant capacity numerous times over the years. Its current facilities include a corporately owned 32,000 sq. ft. facility constructed in 1985, which includes a pipe fabrication and automated sheet metal fabrication plant. Convenient access to Interstates 79 and 90 as well major Erie highways aids the efficiency of Rabe's 100 plus workforce, including a fleet of more than 40 vehicles.

After almost a century, Rabe is able to provide a complete range of mechanical construction services. Our typical work in progress consists of approximately ninety construction projects, ranging from multi-year projects to replacement of rooftop units.

Our team, led by president Mark R. Patrizia, continues to provide a safe, stable and rewarding environment to our customers and to our company’s core values:

  • Quality achieved through commitment to both company and personal excellence
  • Efficiency through organization, process control and investment in training and resources
  • Safety without compromise
  • Teamwork coupled with integrity, cooperation and respect toward all we serve and with whom we work