Corry Memorial Hospital

Comprehensive new plumbing construction

Corry Memorial Hospital

New plumbing construction, Corry, PA

  • Installation of domestic water service, natural gas piping, medical gas distribution systems, and seismic restraints.
  • Installation of new sanitary and storm sewers.

Domestic water system 

  • Installed 1.5 MBH RBI Futera boilers and 450-gallon hot water storage tanks for domestic hot water.
  • Installed circulating pumps, backflow preventers and mixing valves.
  • Installed 15,500 lineal feet of domestic water piping for distribution system.

Sanitary & Storm Sewer Systems

  • Installed 7,000 lineal feet of PVC piping for underground sewer and storm systems.
  • Installed 5,500 lineal feet of no-hub cast iron piping for above ground sewer and venting systems.
  • Installed grease interceptors

Medical Gas Systems

  • Installed Beacon Medaes vacuum pump system that included outlets for Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, and medical air with alarm.
  • Installed 20 medical gas stations with 6,000 lineal feet of piping for distribution system.